For most of our younger students, it was their first time competing at UKDCC and they were brilliant 1f929.png
I could not have asked for more of this super team. Fantastic results all round.

Well done to all the others schools and students 1f44f_1f3fc.png


4-5 years

1st place Tap – Bluebell
2nd Place ballet – Bluebell
4th Place modern – Bluebell

6-7 years

3rd place Ballet – Kirana
3rd place commercial- Kirana
5th Place Tap – Stella
5th place commercial- Stella
6th place Tap – Kirana
Semi finals modern – Kirana
Semi finals Ballet – Stella

8-9 years

2nd place Ballet – Amara
4th place tap – Amara
5th place modern – Amara
6th place modern – Tiahna
Semi finals ballet – Abi
Semi finals tap – Abi
Semi finals modern – Abi
Semi finals commercial- Amara

10-11 years

2nd place commercial- Abbie
3rd place modern – Abbie
4th place ballet – Abbie
5th place modern – Beth
6th place tap – Beth
Semi finals ballet – Beth
Semi finals commercial – Beth
Semi finals tap – Abbie

16-17 years

2nd place commercial- Tilda
3rd place Ballet – Tilda
6th Place Modern – Tilda
7th Place Tap – Tilda

21 finalist places
30 semi finals

Huge thank you to Cathi and all her team @uk_dance_class_championships for another super day.
#ukdcc #comp#dance

TDCI Dearneside Championships and World Performer

Also, well done to Poppy for reaching the finals of the Junior Song and Dance.
6th place @poppyrichardsonn_x 

Wow, So proud of you gorgeous girl.
Absolutely smashed it