Huge well done to a small group of our comp team who represented CTS today at AJDF. First comp of the season (for most of them) and with new solos, they represented CtS to the highest standard. We couldn’t have asked for more. Delighted that Everyone placed in their sections with lovely comments from the adjudicator. A reflection of all your hard work 👏🏼

Results 💫

🏆🥇 First Place
Baby character – Bluebell
Baby S&D – Bluebell
A novice Tap – Stella
A open tap – Darcie
A novice lyrical- Stella
B open ballet – Abbie
B open lyrical – Abbie
C open ballet – Lilly
C open modern – Lilly
D open ballet – Lola
D open character- Lola
D novice lyrical- Eleanor


🥈 Second Place
Baby S&D – Lola
A novice ballet – Avie
Inter impromptu- Abbie
So proud of you all.
Roll on Day 2!