Well We did it! 💪🏼

So incredibly proud of every single student from the littlest Pre primaries right up to our Seniors . You danced your hearts out and I’m so proud of you.
It was an absolute joy to watch some of our students take their first step on a Stage, though at the time tinged with sadness as we watched eight of our seniors take their last 🥺
I’m extremely humbled by all your beautiful gifts and lovely words, I which made me more emotional.
Thank you to you all for your kindness.
I was So emotional at the end of the show that I forgot to thank everyone properly as none of this is possible without my fantastic team and everyone who supports me and the school.
Huge thank you as always to @l_a_dance_x @sjmchoreography @jenny_stead_ @ellieserridge
@aspire.acro for your beautiful and inspiring choreography, endless hours of planning, teaching and support. It is truly appreciated. The show wouldn’t be anything without you guys.
All our parents who braved the heat and chaperoned day and night. I genuinely couldn’t run the show without you, thank you for giving up your time. You are amazing. I Hope you’ve recovered!
All those parents who ran around getting last minute costumes, scarves and endless coffee runs.
You are amazing 🙏🏻
@sophiedeedance for the last minute paperwork advice🙏🏻
@valestudios_ for being super helpful in lending costumes to us and running one down to the theatre last minute 🙏🏻
@north.adrian for sorting out the programme in record time 🙏🏻
@shanakeelersschoolofdance for helping me sort out a compare 🙏🏻
@kaylporter11 for the best tree stump around 🌳
@charissworthington @emmabroady_ for coming down to help with costumes/t-shirts.
Last but not least all our parents for your continued support which we couldn’t be with out.
Hope you have all enjoyed a well deserved day off in the sunshine!