Dance World Cup 2023 World Finals

The prestigious Dance World Cup 2023 World Finals descended upon Braga, Portugal, providing a breath-taking extravaganza of dance from 30 June – 08 July 2023.

Over 7500 dancers took part from more than 50 nations. The 2023 DWC World Finals delivered once again an exceptional quality competition and entertainment to all!

We are so proud of our dancers who worked exceptionally hard learning the routines and rehearsing in every spare minute. As well as the dancers, the parents and sponsors also contributed to our winning mix. We would like to thank all the teachers whom made our journey possible and again to thank all the parents who encouraged and supported team CTS all the way to the DWC World finals.

Well done to all our dancers, you were all amazing. Here is a run down of the results:

Children’s Large Group Lyrical (Burn) –
2nd with 91.1%

Children’s Small Group Ballet (Tree of life) –
4th only 0.3% marks away from a bronze 88.2

Children’s Large Group Contemporary (IT) –
7th in a super tough section 88.4

Children’s Small Group Contemporary (Uplifted)
No medal placing in a large section of 48 78.9

Mini Large Group Tap (lonely goat herd) –
1st place with 92%

mini Small Group Lyrical & Contemporary (Waves) –
1st with 89.7% and an invite to the classic gala

Mini Small Group Ballet (Spring Awakens) –
2nd with 90.9%

Mini Large Group Contemporary (Mirror Mirror) –
3rd place 89.4%

Mini S&D troup (maybe) –
4th place 84.3%

Mini Lyrical / Contemporary trio (Fly) –
7th place with 90.1%