We offer I.S.T.D Tap lessons for ages 2+. The classes are Focussed on preparing for ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) examinations.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their tap skills integrating each stage into a routine or simply to move through the grades.


Day Time Class Studio
Thursday 8:00-8.30pm I.S.T.D Intermediate tap 1
Thursday 8:00-8.30pm I.S.T.D Advanced 1 Tap 2
Saturday 9:30-10.00am I.S.T.D Pre-Primary Tap (VG) 1
Saturday 9:30-9:55am Beginners tap (JS) 2
Saturday 10:00-10:25am I.S.T.D Grade 1 Tap class (VG) 2
Saturday 11:10 -11.55am I.S.T.D Grade 1 Tap (VG) 1
Saturday 1:25-2:10pm I.S.T.D Grade 2 tap (VG) 2
Saturday 2:25-3:25pm I.S.T.D Grade 4 tap (ES) 1
Saturday 2:25-3:25pm I.S.T.D Grade 3 tap (VG) 2

VG – Vickie Goodwin
JS – Jenny Stead
LR – Lindsey Roy
ES – Ellie Serridge

Download the full Timetable HERE