Ballet is the foundation from which nearly all dance styles have developed. It requires strong technique, strength and grace.

Here at CTS we follow the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabus for all our ballet classes. We offer Beginners (Baby Ballet), Pre-Primary classes, Primary classes and then pupils work through the grades, Grade 1 to Grade 7.


Day Time Class Studio
Wednesday 7:45-8.30pm R.A.D Grade 8 ballet 1
Wednesday 7:45-8.30pm Pointe work beginners 2
Thursday 5:00-5:30pm R.A.D Intermediate foundation ballet seniors 2
Thursday 6:15-7:15pm R.A.D Grade 6 ballet 1
Thursday 6:15-7:15pm R.A.D Grade 7 ballet 2
Thursday 7:15-8:00pm Pointe work A 1
Thursday 7:15-8:00pm Pointe work B 2
Saturday 9:00-9.30am R.A.D. Pre-Primay Ballet (VG) 1
Saturday 9:00-9.30am Beginners’ ballet (JS) 2
Saturday 10:40-11:10am R.A.D Primary ballet class (LR) 1
Saturday 11:10-11:55am R.A.D Primary ballet Exam class (LR) 2
Saturday 11:55-12:40pm R.A.D Grade 1 ballet (LR) 1
Saturday 11:55-12:40pm R.A.D Grade 2 ballet (VG) 2
Saturday 1:25-2.25pm R.A.D Grade 5 ballet (LR) 1
Saturday 4:25-5:25pm R.A.D Grade 3 ballet (ES) 1
Saturday 4:25-5:25pm R.A.D Grade 4 ballet (VG) 2

VG – Vickie Goodwin
JS – Jenny Stead
LR – Lindsey Roy
ES – Ellie Serridge

Download the full Timetable HERE