Wythenshawe festival
What an absolute incredible time we had a @wythenshawe_dance_events March festival.
So much talent on that stage!
Awesome results for our team all round with beautiful feedback from the adjudicator.
Always nice to catch up with our friends from other dance schools. Huge well done to everyone. The standard was incredible.
So proud to have won the school trophy 🏆
Thank you to @shanakeelersschoolofdance and her awesome team for making it an amazing event!
A Novice Modern – Lola P
A Open Modern – Amelia
A Novice Tap – Isla
A Open Character – Bluebell
B Novice Modern – Nieve
B Novice Ballet – Caitlin
B Novice Tap – Atlanta
B Open Tap – Darcie
B Open S&D – Penelope
B Open character – Tiahna
B Open Modern Amara
B Open Lyrical Amara
B Open Ballet Amara
C Novice Ballet – Flo
C Open Commercial – Abbie
C Open Modern – Abbie
C Open Vocal – Zara
C Open S&D – Zara
E Novice Lyrical – Izzy
E Novice contemporary- Eleanor
E Open Character – Lola B
Senior Cabaret Duet with song – Poppy and Brontë
Senior Cabaret trio – Brontë, Poppy and Eleanor
Junior Cabaret group with song – Maybe
Junior Cabaret group – Lonely Goatherd
Junior Classical group – The Toyshop
Inter Cabaret group – Waves
Inter Classical group – Spring awakens
Senior Classical group – Tree of life
A Novice Tap – Bluebell
A Open Ballet – Amelia
B Open S&D – Amara
B Open Lyrical – Kirana
B Open Modern – Kirana
C Open Lyrical – Abbie
E Open S&D – Poppy
Senior Cabaret group – IT
A Open Ballet – Sollie
B Open S&D – Kirana
B Open Lyrical – Tiahna
B Open Modern – Tiahna
C Open Modern – Eliza
C Open Commercial – Eliza
D Open Lyrical – Beth
D Open S&D – Beth
E Open Lyrical – Poppy
E Open Vocal – Poppy
Senior Cabaret group – Burn
A Novice Tap – Sollie
B Novice Ballet – Nieve
D Open Modern – Lilly
D Open Tap – Beth
Inter Cab duet – Abbie & Beth
Inter Cabaret group – Mirror mirror
Highest Junior Mark – Amara
Most Promising Junior – Kirana
Highest Inter mark – Abbie
Most Promising Senior – Poppy
Most Promising Vocal – Zara
Most promising group – Lonely Goatherd
Best choreography – Tree of life
School trophy 🏆


Huge thank you to @l_a_dance_x for the most beautiful choreography and drilling in technique classes. You know how much I appreciate you 🫶🏼
Huge thanks as always to Shana and her team for a fantastic day. We love your events! Wythenshawe Dance Events
Huge thank you to all my parent chaperones. I couldn’t do this day without you guys. So thank you 🙏🏻
Huge well done to all the schools who competed ✨