• Acro
  • Acro

    Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.

    Students learn tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials, and tumbling lines.

    Classes are £6.00 per session and first session is FREE.


    Mini / Junior Acro – Studio 2
    Starts 4:30 – 5:15pm, Wednesday


    Inter Acro Group 1 – Studio 2
    Starts 5:25 – 6:10pm, Wednesday


    Senior Acro – Studio 2
    Starts 6:20 – 7:05pm, Wednesday


    Inter Acro Group 2 – Studio 2
    Starts 8:15 – 7:00pm, Wednesday

  • Ballet (Ages 2+)
    Ballet (Ages 2+)
  • Ballet (Ages 2+)

    Ballet is the foundation from which nearly all dance styles have developed. It requires strong technique, strength and grace.

    Here at CTS we follow the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabus for all our ballet classes. We offer Beginners (Baby Ballet), Pre-Primary classes, Primary classes and then pupils work through the grades, Grade 1 to Grade 7.

    Ballet classess are available for boys and girls aged 2 years upwards.

    All ballet classes run through the week and on a Saturday. All sessions are £6.00 an hour. The discounted rate for students attending twice a week is £4.00. Often students who attend ballet class alos attend tap and modern too. Come along and have a trial class for FREE.


    Beginners (Baby) Ballet – Studio 2
    9am- 9.30am Saturday. This class is suitable for 2-3 year olds


    Junior associate ballet class – Studio 2
    6:30pm- 7.30pm Monday


    R.A.D. Pre Primary – Studio 1
    9am – 9.30am Saturday. This class is suitable for 3-5 yrs


    R.A.D. Primary Ballet – Studio 2
    10.40 – 10:10pm, Saturday.


    R.A.D. Primary Ballet Exam Class – Studio 1
    10.40 – 10:10pm, Saturday.


    R.A.D. Grade 1 Group A Ballet – Studio 1
    12:10 – 12:40pm, Saturday.


    R.A.D. Grade 1 Group B Ballet – Studio 2
    12:25 – 1:25pm, Saturday.


    R.A.D. Grade 3 Ballet– Studio 1
    2:55 – 1:55pm, Saturday.


    R.A.D. Grade 4 Ballet – Studio 2
    3:55pm – 4:55pm, Saturday


    R.A.D. Grade 6 Ballet – Studio 1
    6:30pm – 7:30pm, Thursday


    R.A.D. Grade 7 Ballet – Studio 2
    6:30pm – 7:30pm, Thursday


    R.A.D. Pointe Work A – Studio 1
    7:30pm – 8:15pm, Thursday


    R.A.D. Pointe Work B – Studio 2
    7:30pm – 8:15pm, Thursday


    R.A.D Intermediste ballet – Studio 1
    8:15pm-8:45pm Thursday


    R.A.D Intermediate foundation ballet seniors Studio 1

    8:10pm-8:40pm Wednesday


    R.A.D. Advanced Ballet – Studio 2
    8:15pm-8:45pm Thursday


    Junior associate ballet class – Studio 2
    7-7.45pm (6-9yrs) (invitation only) Monday


    R.A.D Intermediate ballet – Studio 1
    7-8pm (10-13yrs) (invitation only) Wednesday


    R.A.D Advanced 1 ballet – Studio 1
    6.15-7.15pm Friday


    For information on Saturday afternoon classes which include pointe work classess and pirouette surgery classes, please contact us.

  • Modern & Jazz
    Modern & Jazz
  • Modern & Jazz

    Modern Jazz dancing, and its steps and style, originated from America. It is often seen in musicals at the theatre in shows. The style uses high kicks, leaps and turns which need strength, flexibility and energy.

    CTS will teach you all the basics and more advanced techniques that Modern jazz dance offers.  We follow the Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) modern syllabus. Often students who attend modern classes also attend tap and ballet too.

    Classes are £6.00 or £4.00 if multiple classes are taken, come and try a class FREE.


    I.S.T.D Primary Modern  – Studio 1
    10:00-10:25am Saturday

    I.S.T.D Primary Modern Exam Class  – Studio 2
    10:10-10:35am Saturday

    I.S.T.D Grade 1 Modern – Studio 2
    11:40-12:10am Saturday

    I.S.T.D Grade 1 Modern Exam Class – Studio 1
    11:40-12:10am Saturday

    I.S.T.D Grade 2 Modern – Studio 2
    11:55-2:55pm Saturday

    I.S.T.D Grade 3 Modern – Studio 1
    2:55-3:55pm Saturday

    I.S.T.D Grade 4 Modern – Studio 2
    4:55-5:55pm Saturday

    I.S.T.D Inter foundation modern – Studio 1
    5:15 – 6:00pm Thursday

    I.S.T.D Intermediate modern – Studio 2
    5:15 – 6:00pm Thursday

    Senior Jazz/Lyrical – Studio 1
    7:00 – 8:00pm Tuesday

  • Street & Hip Hop
  • Street & Hip Hop

    Come and learn Street and Commercial at CTS. This style of dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to commercial and hip-hop music.

    Commercial is the new ‘street dance’. A fun class to learn the latest moves as you dance to your favourite pop songs! Classes start from 5 years upwards.

    Classes are on Tuesday and Wednesday £6.00 per session and first session is FREE.


    Senior Jazz tech – Studio 1
    7:30-9:00pm (14 yrs. upwards) Monday


    Junior street/commercial – Studio 1
    5:25-6:10pm (6-9 yrs) Tuesday


    Inter street/commercial Group 1 – Studio 1
    6:20pm – 7:05pm (10-13yrs) Wednesday


    Inter street/commercial Group 2 – Studio 1
    7:15pm – 8:05pm (10-13yrs) Wednesday

  • Tap
  • Tap

    CTS offer Tap lessons for ages 2+. Tap is a form of dance which is characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes to strike the floor as a form of percussion. We offer lessons to prepare for exams grades and enter pupils into local and national competitions.

    Tap dance has two major variations, rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality, and these dancers consider themselves to be a part of the jazz tradition. Jazz can be integrated into spectacular routines that really do make a noise! Pupils are encouraged to develop their tap skills integrating each stage into a routine or simply to move through the grades.

    Classes are £6.00 or £4.00 if multiple lessons are taken, trial lesson is FREE.


    I.S.T.D Pre-Primary Tap – Studio 1
    9:30-10am Saturday


    Beginners tap – Studio 2
    9:30 – 9:55am Saturday


    I.S.T.D Grade 1 Tap – Studio 1
    11:10-11:40am Saturday


    I.S.T.D Primary Tap – Studio 2
    11:10-11:40am Saturday


    I.S.T.D Grade 1 tap – Studio 2
    1:25-1:55pm Saturday


    I.S.T.D Grade 2 tap – Studio 1
    1:55-2:55pm Saturday


    I.S.T.D Grade 3 tap Group 1 – Studio 2
    2:55-3:55pm Saturday


    I.S.T.D Grade 3 tap Group 2 – Studio 1
    3:55-4:25pm Saturday


    I.S.T.D Intermediate tap – Studio 1
    6:00-6:30pm Saturday


    I.S.T.D Advanced Tap – Studio 2
    6:00-6:30pm Saturday

  • Musical Theatre
    Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre

    CTS offer Musical Theatre lessons on a Friday evening. Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines dance , spoken dialogue, songs and acting. We offer students an experience that will require all the different disciplines required.

    Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humour, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

    Classes are £6.00 or £4.00 if multiple classes are taken, come and experience Musical Theatre and have a trial lesson FREE.


    Junior Musical theatre class (6 yrs. up) – Studio 2
    4:45-5.30pm (3yrs-6yrs) Friday


    Senior Musical theatre class (11 yrs. up) – Studio 1
    5:30-6.15pm (7 yrs. up) Friday

  • Drama
  • Drama

    Our highly valued teaching offers students the opportunity to express and reach their potential on stage. There are regular performances which are hosted at local venues. Classes are aimed at ages 5+.

    Lessons are £6.00 or £4.00 if multiple lessons are taken, come along for a FREE trial.


    Senior Drama class (11 yrs. up) – Studio 1
    4:45-5:30pm Friday


    Junior Drama class (6yrs up) – Studio 2
    5:30-6:15pm Friday