The Cheshire Theatre School offers professional dance training in a nurturing environment. We provide dance classes for boys and girls from 2 years to adult.

We offer lessons in R.A.D Ballet, I.S.T.D Tap, Modern and Jazz, Street/Hip Hop and Acro. Our classes run during the week at the evenings and all day Saturday. Our students work throughout the year on exams and show work with 100 % pass rate of Merit and Distinctions.

We regularly perform in competitions and events in London, and have recently performed in Disneyland, Paris, New York with the ‘New York City Ballet’.Many of our students are regularly entered for National competitions with great success. We have an excellent progression rate with many ex students currently training at prestigious dance and drama schools in London and those that have graduated have appeared in Dirty dancing UK TOUR, Starlight Express Germany, So you think you can dance promo, Princess cruises and Disney Land, Paris. Above all we encourage all our students to achieve their ambition and potential.

Ballet dancing classes in Stockport

Dance Classes

Our classes run during the week in the evenings and all day Saturday. Our students work throughout the year on exams and show work with 100 % pass rate of Merit and Distinctions. There is a great atmosphere and students are encouraged to build individual and team skills.

Vickie Goodwin, Lindsey Roy, Stephen Morgan, Jenny Stead, Ellie Serridge

Musical Director:
Lee Horne

Vickie Goodwin

Cheshire Theatre School Dance teacherTeaches:  Ballet, Modern & Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Drama

Vickie is the founder and lead dance instructor at Cheshire Theatre School. CTS will teach you all the basics and more advanced techniques that Ballet and Modern jazz dance offers.  We follow The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for classical ballet and the Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) modern syllabus. Often students who attend our classes take a mix of classes allowing them to explore the various styles and techniques. We also incorporate Acro, Modern, Commercial / Street and advanced Ballet classes offering classes to suit everyone.


Close p.m.


Summer 2019

Saturday 31st August.

Autumn Half Term 2019

Saturday 19th October

Monday 28th October

Christmas 2019

Saturday 21st December

Monday 6th January

Spring Half Term 2020

Saturday 15th February

Monday 24th February

Easter holiday 2020

Saturday 4th April

Monday 20th April

Spring Bank Holiday2020 Saturday 23rd May

Monday 8th June

Summer 2020

Saturday 25th July

Tuesday 1st September


Mini stretch stars – Studio 1
4.15-5pm (3-6 yrs.)


Junior stretch and body conditioning – Studio 2
4.30-5.30pm (6-9yrs)


Senior stretch and body conditioning – Studio 1
5-6pm (10yrs up)


Junior kicks/leaps and turns – Studio 2
5.30-6pm (6-9yrs)


Senior comp class Rehearsals – Studio 1
7-8pm (10yrs up) (invitation only)


Junior comp class Rehearsal – Studio 2
7-8pm (6-9yrs) (invitation only)


Senior comp class Rehearsal – Studio 1
7-8pm (10yrs up) (invitation only)


Junior associate ballet class – Studio 2
7-7.45pm (6-9yrs) (invitation only)


PL SLOT – Studio 1
PL SLOT – Studio 2



PL SLOT – Studio 1
PL SLOT – Studio 2



Senior Body conditioning and stretch – Studio 1
4.45-6pm  (14 yrs. upwards)


Inter Body conditioning and stretch – Studio 2
4.45-5.45pm (10-13yrs)


Inter Leaps, turns and kicks – Studio 2
5.45-6.15pm (10-13yrs)


Senior Leaps, turns and kicks  – Studio 1
6:00-7:00pm (14 yrs. upwards)


 Inter comp class rehearsals – Studio 2
6.15-7.30pm (10-13yrs) (invitation only)


R.A.D Inter foundation ballet – Studio 2
7.30-8.15pm (invitation only)


Senior Jazz/Lyrical – Studio 1
7:00-8:00pm (14 yrs. upwards)


Senior commercial – Studio 1
8:00-9pm (14 yrs. upwards)


PL SLOT – Studio 1


PL SLOT – Studio 1


Mini/Junior Acro – Studio 2


Junior street – Studio 1


Inter Acro – Studio 2
5:15-6pm (10-13yrs)


Inter street/commercial – Studio 1
6-6.45pm (10-13yrs)


Senior Acro – Studio 2


Inter A Acro – Studio 2
6.45-7.30pm (10-13yrs)


R.A.D Intermediate ballet – Studio 1
7-8pm (10-13yrs) (invitation only)


PL SLOT – Studio 1
4.00-4:45pm (Please call for availability)


PL SLOT – Studio 1
4.45-5:30pm (Please call for availability)


PL SLOT – Studio 1
5:30-6:15pm (Please call for availability)


PL SLOT – Studio 1
6:15-7:00pm (Please call for availability)


Mini musical theatre class – Studio 1
4:45-5.30pm (3yrs-6yrs)


Junior Musical theatre class – Studio 2
4:45-5.30pm (7 yrs. up)


Senior Musical theatre class – Studio 1
5:30-6:15pm (11 yrs. up)


Junior Drama class – Studio 2
5:30-6:15pm (5yrs up)


Senior Drama class – Studio 2
6:15-7:00pm (11 yrs. up)


R.A.D Advanced 1 ballet – Studio 1


I.S.T.D Advanced 1 tap – Studio 1


R.A.D. Pre-Primary Ballet – Studio 1


Beginners ballet – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Pre-Primary Tap – Studio 1


Beginners tap – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Primary Modern  – Studio 1


I.S.T.D Grade 1 modern – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Primary Tap – Studio 1


Pointe class A – Studio 2
10:30 -11.15pm


R.A.D Primary ballet – Studio 1


Pointe class B – Studio 2


R.A.D Grade 5 ballet – Studio 1


R.A.D Grade 7 ballet – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Grade 6 modern – Studio 1


I.S.T.D Inter foundation modern – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Grade 4 tap – Studio 1


I.S.T.D Intermediate tap – Studio 2


R.A.D Grade 2 ballet – Studio 1


R.A.D Grade 3 ballet – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Grade 2 tap A – Studio 1


I.S.T.D Grade 3 modern – Studio 2


I.S.T.D Grade 2 tap B – Studio 1
5:00 -6pm


I.S.T.D Grade 4 modern  – Studio 2
5:00 -6pm

CTS Uniforms

Squad Dancewear offer a comprehensive uniform service for dance schools.

We design and manufacture a wide range of uniform here in the UK. All of our products are made with high grade lycra by an experienced team of machinists. Here are links to the range, you will need to set an account up first. The range consists of CTS Darcie Crop – Black, CTS Darcie Crop – Blue, CTS Izzy Crop – Black and CTS Leotard – Blue/Black

CTS Dancewear area

Delia Vazquez
Great teachers! Really inspiring. So helpful
Danielle Carla Sillence
Love the passion of both the teachers and the dancers. Just brilliant!
John Kushnick
They really enthuse the children. They make learning to dance fun!!